Sunday, January 20, 2013

This is farewell

Today couldn't have been more perfect. I am so blessed with the abundance of family and friends that I have, for their love and support in my decision to serve the Lord. We enjoyed a nice crock pot soup, chili lunch, and lots of dessert at the park. Friends and family came from all over the state to wish me farewell. I love you all so much and really really appreciate you coming to see me one last time before I leave to the MTC. 

Here are a few shots from today. 

We're complete opposites but sisters to the core!

 My Moms side of the family

This is my beautiful mother

The McDonald Clan

he's still my baby brother

a few of my starving friends

The Mc's

Hi Sunny!

The best brothers and oldest sister ever!


  1. I love you Sister! I sure will miss you. I cant really imagine you not being there for birthdays, holidays and new baby arrival. You have always made it a point to make it to these things!! :/ I really couldnt imagine having a five year old either and bam!! I do. Time flys! I know you will be amazing on your mission and I cant wait to get updated on everything while your in Florida. 18 mths pssh... thats nothing! ;) Im excited for you!! Im just bein a big ol baby! :'(

  2. Well we have all now shared the first few steps of this adventure with you Rosie, & Today January 23rd 2013, You entered the Provo, Utah, Missionary Training Center. It was a bittersweet moment for those of us who had to leave you, But your excitement and enthusiasm for this new chapter in your life, made it a much easier transition for us. :)We are all very Proud of you and the unwavering commitment you have made & shown in your desire to serve our Heavenly Father! with all your heart, mind, and might. You are not alone in this new adventure, we are all thinking of you loving you and praying for you every day! And more importantly Our Heavenly Father, our Savior and Holy Spirit are there for you every moment.. keep an open heart and mind, be child like and Trust in the Lord, and your Testimony will grow. I say these things to you and really I am saying them to my self! as I am the one who needs to be more trusting and humble. :) Thank you Rosalee for being so unselfish and being an instrument for the Lords work. You are a Precious Spirit and I am so very blessed to be your Mother.

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