Tuesday, October 1, 2013


A new address, A new city, A new companion, A new Zone.. and the list could go on :) I got here to Cape Coral, on tuesday night after Transfer mtg. By the way rode up there with Abi and Veronica, recent converts and my best friends from the bradenton branch. We were running late, I walked in 17 minutes late and sat in the back row next to sister Hill. They had already sang and prayed and president was in the middle of talking. Not even a minute later president decides to call on me, out of the random, "Sister Hafen is going to come up and share her testimony." why yes president i am, i thought in my head. And so I did. I never know what those moments mean, if it's a form of punishment, a spiritual prompting he had or just president being president, but nonetheless, I'd never say no to an oportunity to share my testimony of what I know to be true, That my savior lives and loves me, that because i know this and it has brought me so much happiness I want to be out here to share this message with everyone. I was assigned very last to sister Judd, She'll be 20 this saturday. she came in to the mission the same time as me so it's fun to be at the same place in the mission, although she studdies spanish for years before the mission so she's quite advanced in that area, i'm grateful for the oportunity to learn from her. Cape Coral is different. I've heard things such as this is a slow area, there's not a lot of work..and so on. But I went about the first few days being super positive. I wasn't going to take someone elses opinion of this area as my own, "No it's not, we don't take that for an answer. we can do it. we were called here for a specific reason, and that is to hasten the work." are all things I thought and said. Three days in I broke down and just cried. Change is a funny thing, it's part of life, and it's something that will continually happen. Our ability to deal with change however is what we have control of. It's been tough. I thought that i had already accomplished the tough part of my mission, aparently certain things get thougher and certain things get easier in different ways continually. WHO KNEW ;) Church starts here at 11 instead of 1 and meetings start at 8:30 so we do studdies after church. I had a super powerful mighty prayer yesterday after church and a great personal study all focused on the book of mormon and PMG. I feel better and know that I can do this, I am not yet like Job. I am excited to see what the lord has in store for this area. Sister Judd and I are going to do a lot of hard work, I've seen miracles and seen areas change, I know what obedience and hard work can do and i'm will to do this all completely the lords way to hasten the work down here. So many people don't have what we do. As long as I remember that It's enough to keep me going. I told the lord that I would come here and be the tools for bringing he gosple to the area in which i'm called. and I WILL! I'm in a ward now and not a branch. I have a white bishop who served a spanish speaking mission. there are 2 sets of sisters and 2 sets of elders in this ward. and some incredible members I can already tell. I got a bishops blessing yesterday and I have no doubt that that didn't help me getting out of the slupm I was in. The preisthood is real, God has restored it to the Earth and through it we can make covenents to return to our Father. I love you, have a wonderfull week! -Sister Hafen oh ya, my addresss is, 807 SE 24th Ave. Cape Coral FL, 33990

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