Thursday, March 21, 2013

MTC week 4

Timepo aqui es passando rapidemente. Es moy loco
I can't believe it's already the end of week four, I only have two weeks, well less than that actually because i leave on March 4, 2013 In case any of you are wondering THAT is the BIG day!! it's bitter sweet to think about and it'll be even worse when the day actually comes.
THIS WEEK: has been one of the most growing weeks of my life. that's not a very pretty sentence but bare with me. I don't know exactly how, but something changed this week. The spirit has been crazy strong. our ability to learn and focus has been amplified by like 100 in our whole district, in the whole zone actually. on our h.s.i. (which means: use your language) in our entire zone we got a 4.5 average out of 5 on monday. it was superb! we're all pretty proud. now if we could just be consistent with that we'd be solid!!
every monday here we do this thing called TRC where volunteer members come to the MTC and we just share a message with them, this week was about how we can receive answers to prayers. it was a testimony builder for me. we talked about faith, and without faith your prayers can't be answered. but as you have faith you know and look for the answers to your prayers and as you receive answers your faith increases. it's incredible how those things go hand in hand. "line upon line precept upon precept" :)
AND then, our fireside last night was about prayer, coincidence, i don't think so!! I didn't even realize it was something that i needed to be reminded of but the longer i sat there the stronger i felt the spirit and was reminded of this specific experience i had. one day I was sitting at the counter talking to dad (Ryan) I opened up and told him about how it was awkward for me to pray out loud, i didn't know how to talk to heavenly father. this was a real concern I had. I could pray in quiet in my head and give my thanks and ask for blessing, just really standard things though. Dad told me, you talk to him like you would talk to family or a friend, someone that knows your really well, tell him your concerns, your happinesses, talk to him, because he does know you. i didn't before then understand that. But heavenly father really does know us, he is truly our FATHER in heaven, he wants to talk to us and communicate with us but we have to ask, we have to be willing to get down on our knees and talk to him. Since that day my prayers have been significantly different, better, and I know that my heavenly father knows and hears me.
My friend, Elder Palmer that left, wrote me and gave me some advice about the field because he is in Alabama for one transfer until he gets his visa for Argentina. The advice made me laugh, here at the MTC they feed us quite well, sometimes it's unfortunate really, because it's hard to resist the dessert EVERY SINGLE meal ;p I'm practicing self discipline though. So I guess in the field you are just running running running, of course! one day he ate at at 11 a.m. and didn't eat again until 9 p.m. because they had so many appointments and things to do. He said, don't eat so much at the mtc so that when you get out here you're not starving to death. Thanks Elder P. ;)
I really have grown to love this place, Our teachers are fantastic, they love us so much and just want us to be the best missionary that we can be, when they love and believe in me I love and believe in myself.
My progressing investigator lessons have improved immensely since the first one. My companion and I have figured out our teaching styles much better!! we're pretty good and teaching together, we know the lessons a lot better and have been able to adapt them based on the needs of the investigator, I am NO where near perfect but each day I get a little closer. It's all about progress.

President Uchtdorf said, "Sometimes we're so focused on the finish line that we forget to enjoy the journey." That applies to all aspects of life. I encourage everyone to enjoy the journey.
Read D&C section 4. you wont regret it.
con mas amor,
Hermana Hafen <3

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