Monday, May 13, 2013

The Last week of my First Transfer

I want you to all know that I am alive and well. REALLY alive and REALLY well.

Sometimes when I get to this day I have so much to say and forget all of it so here are a few short stories 

Inspired Comp. Inventory
Monday April 1st, pday comes to an end at 6. we had two appointments right after, which would fill the rest of the evening. there had been a bit of tension in our tripanionship for a few days now. I guess that means we probably should have done a companionship inventory. we weren't getting the clue apparently and heavenly father couldn't have been anymore blunt! before pday ended both of our appointments canceled within minutes of each other  I couldn't help but laugh. Heavenly father sure has a sense of humor. We spent the remainder of that evening talking and working through our problems. Communication really is key to any relationship! We went to sleep that night as sisters and it was incredible!

Pray for rain.
On Wednesday I was getting a headache, I never got those before the mission. I don't even know how that applies haha but Wednesday night the air was think and heavy I had a headache and was working a bit sluggishly as we walked around a neighborhood visiting a few recent converts, less actives, and investigators. "I said I hope it rains tomorrow. Ya I'm gonna pray for rain." guess what, Thursday it poured! all day. It's our weekly planning day so we got to spend a few hours inside watching the rain from the window sipping hot chocolate. Delicioso

Okay ever since September 25, 2011 General conference has been a huge importance to me. more than ever before, and after last conference I can't help but anticipate what will be said in the next general conference. Needless to say I've been waiting for this day since I entered the MTC. Ask my comps, they can attest to that. & like usual, I wasn't disappointed  I watched conference broad casted at the church, we didn't have any of our investigators come unfortunately but because of that fortunately I got to watch it in English  that means I could understand :) one elder in my district said, "conference goes by so fast when you actually want to listen to it" and he is so right. I left each session feeling so edified and uplifted though. I have great plans of how to be a better missionary, daughter, servant of the lord, how I'll do things in the future and IDK, if you watched it you all know the same. I took awesome notes and have already read over them twice. seguira el profeta!!

I love my mission. I probably say that phrase one hundred times a day! 

Tenga un buen semana, okay.

I love you!

OH YEAH!! I almost forgot to mention, one of the best things I found out this week is that I get to Skye home when my brother Charles opens his mission call, Bro, if you're not as excited as I am I'm going to beat you up when you step off that plane in three years. I Love you!!

The day I prayed for rain...

um.. sister missionaries sometimes dye hair.. or something

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