Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Six weeks in

This has been the most eventful week in my mission. One transfer down and I'm finally starting to get the hang of this missionary thing.

On Tuesday I remember going to sleep so exhausted, we worked so hard, and through our dinner, we had appointments back to back to back, and it was AMAZING! We taught the Reynoso family about the restoration, the mom is skeptical, I know as soon as she understands prayer and does as Moroni says she'll get it. We're still working with her and I have a lot of faith that things will click. So tonight, we're having a whole lesson just on prayer, how we pray why we pray, how Satan doesn't want us to pray and how to recognize answers from our prayers. The coolest part too is all of the answers to these questions are coming from the scriptures, while preparing this lesson I learned things that I needed to also. The lord is always blessing me.
I don't know if I've mentioned Juan Vasquez before but if not, he is our outstanding most progressing investigator. I really love him. My comp and her old comp found him a while back and taught him a few lessons then couldn't get a hold of him for a while so we were really happy when we were in his neighborhood one Sunday morning and we caught him outside. We picked up right where they left off and taught lesson two, the plan of salvation. Juan responded like I've heard no other person respond, he said he wanted to go to the moon(terestial kingdom) and not the sun(celestial kingdom. We were like, what.. why? so we talked to our ward mission leader at church that day and he decided to come out with us to visit Juan that Wednesday  hermano Garcia connected with him in a way that we couldn't and explained the plan of salvation better, Juan set a baptismal date that day, came to church that Sunday and saw a baptism.. This is when I gained my testimony of "member present lessons" 
We set Juan's date for April 14, yesterday. so when we visited Juan this week he was acting shy and being funny, we were like, what's up Juan.. and a little worried about what he had to say. Don't worry he's still getting baptized. He was so nervous to tell us that he wanted to change his baptism for his birthday, June 24th!! OF COURSE that's allowed. 
Did I mention he read El Libro De Mormon multiple times before we met him so he already knew it was true. I tell you, we are always preparing people in some way or another. My MTC president said "if we take care of someone else's, someone else will take care of ours." I believe that, we also found out Juan has 2 nephews that served missions in Mexico. They took care of someone else's and we're taking care of their Uncle. At the end of the lesson with Juan on Friday he pointed to me to pray and then said, "in English... POR FAVOR" I think that means he thinks my Spanish is so good that I don't need to practice anymore. hahahha I just laughed. and did as I was asked :) 
Saturday was another fantastic day, My first "transfer calls" at the end of every transfer(six weeks) Saturday morning if anything is changing ie: getting transferred, training, going home, you get a call from the president. Hermana Duarte has finished her mission (I've come to love this hermana so much in our six weeks together and I'm blessed to have been her trainee) so I thought if we get a phone call it will just be for that reason. I'm only half way through 12 week training so I was certain hermana Hatton and I will definitely be staying here. We had a cute breakfast together and sat at the table wondering if we'd get a call, it was 8. No call and so I got up.. two seconds later "President is calling" he talked to sister Duarte about going home for a bit and then said "Sister Hafen, Sister Hatton, you will be training this transfer, see you in Tampa on Tuesday. WHOA! It's exciting and fun and going to be different and awesome! I immediately decorated an agenda for her, all green for our little greenie, I put a scripture on the back of it that has the word green in it and for her first breakfast she's getting green muffins :) 
At 2 we also got to attend the womens conference in our stake, it was so much fun and I had my most Utah dinner since I've been here "Hawaiian haystacks" we watched Johnny Lingo, (I hope that's allowed) and I love it. I recommended it. 
Also that day we attended to wonderful baptisms, two sets of elders in our zone, one in a different ward and one in our ward. The Elders in our ward, the girls asked to be baptized in the ocean and so they were. It was Beautiful! I accidentally let the ocean touch my feet. (that's two confessions :/ hah)
AND THEN, yesterday-Fast Sunday  I had a "burning in my bosom" you could call it, I just knew I had to stand up there and bear my testimony. Right at the end I got up and started walking to the front, hermano Calvillo was just getting up to conclude, awkward, he said be quick, "It was going to be in spanish which I know very little so quick was the only option" I though.. I started out "pardona me por mi mal espanol, yo se.. and I felt the words cease to be mine. :) it was just a piqueno testimonio pero I felt the spirit in the chapel. like the scriptures say, open your mouth and it shall be filled. I have a testimony of that. we also went to Tampa for hermana Duartes exit interview, that was a fun little road trip. and we'll be right back there tomorrow morning :)
This week was busy and amazing! I love this missionary life. There's no place I'd rather be! 

I love you, tenga un buen semana. 

Beach Baptism


We love P-Day! I love long boarding...

 I was way excited when I taught John Luke how to ride it, :) if that's not obvious

and 4 square!!


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