Tuesday, October 1, 2013

week nineteen

Familia y Amigas, Como estan? Here's an update from Florida, My companions and I are are doing swell. I feel like it's a blessing to serve with sisters that you get along with so well, it sure makes the work, well, less work, brings the spirit much stronger and it's fun. It was bike week, nothing new for me and hermana Daines but for Hermana Binks who was planning on walking in argentina for her whole mission it was definitely fun. Her first day we rode 30 miles, (all the way to hermana Garcias, to the church, the trochez, the church juans, and i feel like we went somewhere else that i'm forgetting right now and then home, HERMANA CARSON, I MEAN JENNA) it was awesome, hermana daines and i have lived here long enough that we don't get burnt anymore so we didn't tell our fair skinned trainee to put on sunscreen before we left the house, she got fried! she says it was worth it! We met a new friend this week, as elder buck and nita call them. Her name is stephanie and She's wonderful. but on Saturday is when the real miracle happened. Hermana Carsons last sunday here we worked to the last minute and that's when the miracle happened, we met jose, a 15 year old with an amazing spirit, lots of questions. he was incredible, however we didn't see him for two weeks, bad timing or he went MIA for two weeks but saturday no one was out side, probably because of the heat, i don't blame them, but that makes finding a little harder and a little more awkward, cause then we actually have to knock on the door. we had just come from near joses house and headed towards the church, a pretty far distance away now, but i got this idea let's go see jose, it wasn't on our plans for that hour but i thought it was MY good idea. so my wonderful companions followed, hermana Binks thinking we were crazy for not stopping when we were just up there a half hour ago. we get to joses house and his mom says he's not home, she doesn't know where he is or when he'll be home., okay sorry sisters, bad idea... we'll we turned around and got to the top of his road to leave the trailer park, and there he pulls up on his bike right in front of us, NO way!! HI jose, how have you been. we were able to have a quick lesson with him but it was just as good as the first one. he told us how he tends to not make enemies, he donsn't see the point of it. He is the coolest 15 year old i know. I was so happy to see realize that that idea was not mine but a prompting from the spirit, i'm thankful my companions supported me and we went even though it seemed crazy, and then the miracle followed. We've been teaching magali and Isable, ariesbeths cousin and her mother in law. they are fantastic, came to church sunday, Isable the mother in law of magali said the prayer in sunday school, and when we invited them to be baptised the said yes when they know it's true. I love the gospel, I love the happiness that it brings families, and individuals. I love my life. and this oportunity to serve. PS. incase you're wondering tomorrow is my 6 month birthday in the mission. WOW. the time goes much to quickly! I love you and hope you have the best week. Love hermana Hafen

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