Thursday, September 12, 2013

HOLY amazing, best week ever!

I can't even put it in to words how happy I am, How amazing my companions are. How wonderful the lord is and how his hand is in every single part of everything that we do.

 This week strengthened my faith, but don't they all. I've been out here for just four months and was called to train. The feeling of inadequacy I think is human nature. So as I was so excited and had total confidence that if I was called to do this that I could indeed do it, and that the lord would help me, a tiny bit of nerves stood behind it all. so much that when we got back to the apt day one, I went in the bathroom and let a few tears fall, quickly wiped them away, not letting my companions know and walked out with my ready to go to work face on.

 And we did. We worked. HARD! all week. and we saw the fruits of our labors. We filled every half hour with a meaning full activity, we tracted when plans fell through, and that's when the real miracles came.

 Wednesday, (oh by the way her names Hermana Binks, she's 19 and from Sandy Utah, Hermana Daines and I love her, She loves us too. AND she's wonderful!) Hermana Binks First day on the job, Tracting, we went to an area that we had previously scoped out with Hermana Carson on our bikes, chuch full of hispanos. Well we began knocking and we at first didn't find those hispanos, one lady let us give her a book and pray with her but the rest we rejections. we had 10 minutes before our dinner break and we could have easily headed home right then, but we didn't, we worked to the last minute, we decided to knock one more door. AHHH, can your hear the angles singing? There stood Miguel, our little bilingual friend, we spoke to him and asked him if we could teach them, he translated it to his mom in spanish and then told us um no, i'm sorry my mom only speaks spanish, "perfect so do we" (well we try our best ;)) and she let us come in right then and there. Before we gave her our address she said she'd come to our church, if she liked it she'd go and if she didn't she'd wouldn't. fare enough right. :) That was all so worth the 20 minute dinner we ended up having, just enough time to throw some meat and cheese on some bread and eat it in two bites before heading out the door for our apt with Ariesbeths cousin.

 We went back to Miguels and Angelinas Friday with Hermana Garcia, A fantastic member from our ward, and it was beyond amazing. We had a beautiful lesson, they ask so many great questions, like they are really listening to the things we teach and want to know if they are true or not. They said they'd come to church sunday and they did. It was the most wonderful sunday i've ever had. When i met angelina and Miguel out in the foyer she had her two year old william with her. She was telling me that she's worried because he cries in places he's never been and around people he doesn't know. "no preocupe hermana, nuestra iglesia es para las familias, esta bien :)" well she stared at her two year old sitting in his stroller not moving not crying, just peaceful. she said to me, wow, he's usually running all over the place. "es el espiritu santo" I told her, she didn't disagree. At the beginning they agreed to only stay for sacrament meeting, because it went so well they stayed for the next class too. I love them. I love the gospel. I love the spirit and how when people feel it they can't deny that it's the truth. I love being a missionary and doing the things the lord would do if he were on the earth right now.

 Amelia came to church too. she is the sweetest, quietest little pregnant momma i know and she feels bad asking us questions cause she can't understand us and she thinks we won't be able to understand her questions so she just doesn't say much :( but hermana Garcia came with us to see her this week to and it made all the difference, she just loved her and helped make up for our short comings. (I pray for the language to come each day, i know it will like with all the other miracles, after i give my 110 percent)

 I'm amazed at what things put a smile on my face these days, the light in someones eyes when they feel the spirit, like miguel and his mom. When my my investigators that i just met days ago show up at church and i'm just willing to do what ever it takes to make them feel welcome and loved. When the spirit tells me to bear my testimony to our single english class student and the room is filled with the spirit of truth. When my companions trust me enough to ask me questions, and tell me about their families.

This whole thing just keeps getting sweeter. I love better than I ever have, and as I know that it's a gift that comes with my setting apart, i hope that it's something that never goes away.

 With that said, KNOW that i love you all. That i'm out here doing the lords work and that I'm putting on the safety armor every morning when i decided to be obedient. know that my companions are wonderful and if anyone needs to simmer down and be a little sweeter and softer it's me. Be safe, say your prayers, read you scriptures, be nice to every brother and sister that you pass on the street and be an example of the believers. I love you arose and frijoles.

 Love Hermana Hafen

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