Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I am too Blessed

God is truly our LOVING heavenly Father, he loves us and knows us so individually and this week I was more aware of the love he has for me. I felt my Fathers love as he reached his hand out to me and showered us with miracles upon miracles this week, and they haven't ceased.. This morning we had the car first as our car week is ending and bike week is beginning. We got out of the house to do the grocery shopping first this morning, We were at this cute little store Aldi, because it's cheap and we're missionaries, it's also decent quality. We were up at the register begging to pay, all of our food divided into three measly sections. No one would believe that was a weeks worth of groceries. A man came up and I didn't recognize him, we all had out our bank of america mission cards and the Man said, "my cards the only one that works today" still not catching on I joked with the man, "my cards better than yours" the woman began to ring up my groceries, then he told her to ring up all three of ours. I held back tears, the woman asked if he knew us, he said, "yes", and looked at us, "if they've got that black tag on, I know them" "they're missionaries from our church." he finished checking out and handed us a $20 dollar bill for lunch. I will never forget the way I felt this morning and the pure generosity of this man. This world is still a beautiful place and there are good people and miracles happening all around us. Even after spending a whole day in bed sick, (I must have gotten what hna Daines had last week, I wish she didn't share!) we still had 28 lessons. 8 Members Presant lessons. Our branch is really catching on to the joy that missionary work brings and has been so helpful to us, I love them. I love Bradenton, I love this branch and our investigators and I don't want to leave. 7 investigators came to church yesterday. that's a record. and the whole branch was so welcoming. After Months and months of hard work, we are seeing the blessings. They always come after the trial of your faith. I feel like heavenly father was asking me, Are you going to continue to work hard even if you don't see an immediate result. Are you going to continue to work hard and do my missionary work my way even when things are tough, even when things don't make sense.. And I told my Father every night, Yes I am. Some days it's been harder to say than others. some days I shed some tears, but with Faith and my testimony at the head of this, wonderful companions on my side, a great district, zone and branch, My amazing mission president and PRAYER more times a day than I can count.. I keep pushing forward. David from english class; we had a lesson with him tuesday right after class. the spirit was so strong after we shared Joseph Smith's first vision we identified that it was the spirit teaching him that these things are true. He began to express that the things he was feeling he couldn't explain but he knew it was the spirit. we invited him right then to be baptized and he said "yes" David is right where he needs to be and he knows it. After spending all thursday in bed i woke up friday morning and told my self i was going to take some medicine and not cough all day. I regained my strength and told that cold to leave. Then hna. Daines and I went to Sarasota for an exchange and Hna Binks stayed in Bradenton. It was such a great exchange and we had so much fun, minus hna Daines almost having a heart attack biking. She's not completely up to par, yet.. and we all came back ready to do the work. Hna. Binks planned so well the night before with out us That saturday was perfect. We recieved a refferal from the Elders. his name, Antonio, and he was interested, he may or may not have had family in mexico that are members or are taking the missionary discussions. That's all we knew. We went into oneco, There was obviously a hispanic party going on, across the street. they by the way throw the best parties, the street was lined up with cars and little ninos running around everywhere. we went up to Antonios door and despite the noise had a small lesson with him as we got to know him. Everything that antonion said he was looking for or wanted to change is exactly what the gospel has to offer. I just wanted to teach him all I knew in that moment, but we instead invited him to church. He came, this single father of 4 kids, who works 6 days a week and just stopped drinking 3 weeks ago came to church. I can't express that amount of joy i had sitting by this cute family in sacrament meeting knowing that their life is about to change and have so much joy and happiness. The branch was fantastic and all pitched in to get them to their classes and make them feel right at home. at the end of church antonio said he he felt peaceful. We're going tonight to teach antonio the restoration. I'm so excited. after church yesterday we went back to talk to David A man we met tracting in so colorful duplexes. He let us come right in, it was aparent that his girlfriend wasn't interested but David was. as we introduced the book of mormon and began talking to him we learned that david has a brother who's been a memeber for quite a while in guatemala, he told us a story of how he used to hang out with the Elders there, then one day they left and he never saw those two again, (transfers i'm asuming) those Elders may never know the impression they made on David, but they planted that seed, along with his brother and now years later we're teaching him. It's all in the lords timing. I'm happier than I've ever been. I think it's safe to say that this has been the best week..so far..The mission just keeps getting sweeter with time. I feel my heart growing for this love, I know that at the beginning of my mission my heart was in it as much as i could be and at that time I thought it was All in, but it's more and more in every day. I'm feeling emotions i've never felt and love i've never felt. I'm so content and happy, I don't know perfect spanish but I know more than i used to and each day something new makes sense and clicks. I would be so sad If i didn't choose to serve. Thank you everyone who helped me get out here. this is the best work I could ever be involved in. I love my mission. I love the lords Mission for me. I love my Life and the work of salvation. May your week be as wonderful as mine. I love you! Hermana Hafen

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