Tuesday, October 1, 2013

week twentyfive

So hermana Daines got sick on wednesday night and it lasted till saturday. The next day we had some appointments and Clase De Ingles. At first I thought we had to cancel our appointments and English class, my comp was sick, we have to stay together, guess we all have to stay in today. What a poor, uncreative mindset i had. I quickly realized that was not the only solution, nor the best solutions. I quickly texted and called all of our members trying to find someone available on such short notice to do splits with me. Luckily we're in a trio so we only needed one member and hna Binks would stay with hna Daines. Soon Aby sorto, a teenager that was baptized my first transfer here agreed. I was a little aprehensive, just because i've always had my companions with me, we study and plan together so they know the daily plans just as well as I do. Again another silly thing to get caught up on. It went Fantastic! Aby has such a strong testimony, I asked her how she was so cool and just believes and has so much faith when she hasn't been apart of the church for very long. (Not doubting it, just sincerely wondering what it was for her) She said cause i've never been so happy in my life. I wouldn't trade this for anything. I've never had this much happiness in any other church I've gone to. Even when i was surrounded by people i still felt alone, now i can actually be alone and i don't even feel alone. I just gotta keep enduring to the end! This is why i'm out here. Because I've experienced that same change for myself. It's the most important thing in my life. Aby needed the gospel. Some missionaries came, and she didn't just accept it the first time. She went through quite a few sets of elders. But they were persistent, and followed promptings, I have no doubt! And now she is happier than she's ever been, and in turn coming out with the missionaries and sharing her testimony. This is the work of Salvation. I continued doing Splits for the next few days Nora Carlos, also a woman with an amazing testimony and a love for missionary work, came with me when Aby couldn't. the Lesson i learned is that, Splits are Super fun!! If we do them when my companions aren't sick we'll do tripple the work. wow. I got to know these wonderful girls better and we'll be friends forever! I love my mission!! I love the lords mission for me. I under Appreciated my companion Hermana Daines, she's the cutest. We've been together for six months now, Her sister that also served a mission asked her a few weeks ago, how things are going after so much time together. she said "we're like sisters, sometimes we disagree but we get over it quickly and tell each other what's up." truely when you are here with the same goal in mind it's not difficult to get along. I told her I'm actually nervous for the day to come when we do get new companions. she's been a huge part of my mission. feel free to tell her hi :) marisa.daines@myldsmail.net or send her a letter to my same address :) Love you and have a great week! Hermana Hafen

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