Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Last week of Transfer five

I love my mission but more this week. This week I've felt a change in myself. A noticeable one and I love it. I feel more and more content with being out here each day I wake up. I find myself focusing more on my mission, our investigators, Just mission things and less on home, family and other distractions. (Don't worry, I love you all the same) I'm allowing the lord to change my heart so I can more effectively serve him. I think it's a natural transition that comes at different times and different ways for each missionary as all of us are very different. I'm thankful for this change and I'm even more ready to work. HIGHLIGHT is, Teaching Magali and Isabel. I forgot to mention last week that they came to church. And they came to church yesterday too. They are amazing. Going over to teach them doesn't scare me and make me nervous. I know that is because they are truly interested in what we are teaching them and looking for answers and so they trust us, they listen to us. We have a relationship and so I'm not as nervous when i slip up or don't know the proper or perfect way to explain something. Yesterday they left after sunday school cause it was Magali's 6 year old sons birthday. They are so sweet. they said, we have to leave early but we're going to keep coming. and they mean it. They always keep their commitments. They have never cancled appointments. They are GOLDEN if I've ever seen it. We prayed durring weekly planning to set a date for them, Magali isn't married and so we'll have to have a "Bolda" but we felt so strongly about the 8th of September. and we'll be extending that invitation tonight at our appointment with them. Last monday when we went over Jocelyn Magalis 7 year old daughter was eating "sandia" I said "oh me encanta sandia" as we were leaving Isabel came out of the kitchen with a half of watermelon all bagged up for me. How could I resist. :) hermana Binks hates it and Hermana Daines is alergic so i got it all to myselft. yum. And on Saturday we met these cute little african american kids with so much sas! They called us over to them from their front yard as we were walking down the streets of oneco tracting. "What yall doing wearing dresses" "Why yall got two shirts on when it's hundred degrees out" says a shirtless leodus. We went and talked to these sassy things named Ja'liea, T'nia, Leodus, and Tequila, or tiny winy for short. "ya, we go to church, ery sunday and wendsday." just imagine them "do yall go to church, what about bible study?" we talked to their aunt and all though we wont be able to teach their family we were able to brighten their day with a little lesson on blessings for praying (the blessings were candy) and leodus at the end of the lesson says, "can i eat my blessings yet?" You betcha when we're in the hood of Oneco we'll be stopping by to say hi to our new little friends. Family and Friends. I have such a strong testimony of Member referals. The happiest thing a missionary can do is teach the restored gospel. that can't be achieved without people to teach. EVERYONE needs this in their lives, so give the missionaries your friends to teach, go with them to teach your friends, if you think you don't have friends or non member friends pray for a missionary opportunity. It will bless so many. I love you. The work is hastening, don't just sit in the stands, be a part of it! have a great week, Hermana Hafen

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