Tuesday, October 1, 2013

week twentythree

Not to much exciting happened this week and i'm going to be quick. I appologize in advance. We had transfer calls and it's the first time i have not gotten a new companion. Just me Daines and the Binkser still here in bradenton. We have been so lucking to have 2 investigators at church every single week of this transfer. funny thing is we found out that Isable is infact not an investigator but a member-baptized in mexico 20 something years ago. crazy!! but we are now teaching a cousin of magali now who has heard the missionary discussions many times but never got baptized. maybe we'll be able to change that. She started out just sitting in and listening to the lessons. now she said she'll be there every time and asked for a childrens libro de mormon for her kids and came to church, we didn't even invite her! she is so coool! some times staying active in the church is the hardest part and so the fact that our investigators dont want to get baptized yet. Mas adalante they tell us. doesn't worry me because they are consistently coming to church on their own. Magali now prays and reads the book of mormon with her children everynight before bed. Her kids ask to pray before they eat so they now do that too. The gospel is touching the lives and hearts of this family and they are just running with it. I am so happy to be able to watch this change right before my eyes. The gospel changes people. it makes the happy. it makes families happy. it brings a joy that you can't get anyother way. It gives you hope. it gives your purpose and direction. It's is the Way. And through it we are all one. I love you and wish you the best week. love Hermana Hafen.

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