Tuesday, May 21, 2013



First things first! Fatima came to church this week! Thanks for your prayers! I called her after PEC to remind her and she said "en camino por aca" That means something like I'm on my way there. Heck yes, I was a happy missionary. So I sat in the chapel with a less active family while Hermana Daines Waited in the foyer for Fatima, and in they walk with Juan too, Fatima's new house is right next to Juan's, we told them about each other but didn't introduce them. They became friends on their own and she gave him a ride to church cause he doesn't have a license, it was the happiest thing ever! We're planning on setting a baptismal date this week! Say your prayers :) cause they work.

Wednesday in district meeting we had a big discussion on setting Dates in the First lesson, and Also for receiving inspiration for those dates not just picking a random day that sounds good to us. We talked about receiving inspiration for when to drop investigators and when to keep them, Inspiration for everything and I felt all bummed out. Like I know I'm a missionary and that I'm entitled to receive revelation for the people I'm working with in my area. But I wasn't feeling like I have been. What it really comes down to is me having the courage to act of the promptings I get. Trust that Heavenly Father is giving me them and Discernment to know when it's the holy ghost and not my own thoughts. Well right in that moment of unsureity I brought both covers of my opened Preach My Gospel together and let them go. It opened up to "Learn to recognize the promptings of the spirit" I didn't ever know that page existed. If that wasn't a prompting of the spirit I don't know what is :) so I've been studying that section.

Since Saturday I've been deaf in my right ear. When I got off Skype Elder Casey and Elder Davies in my district gave me a blessing. They are amazing! They gave me a blessing of health and that my ear would heal but also of other things that I had not expressed that I was sad or worried about. Had my ear not have been broken I probably wouldn't have asked for a blessing. I'm sure thankful that I did, and I'm thankful to have worthy Elders in my District to use their Priesthood. The Priesthood is real, the church is true the mission is life changing and I love you all. Have the best week!

Love Hermana Hafen


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