Monday, June 10, 2013

The BEST week ever!

Okay last week was soooo.. ( I don't even know how to describe it) so I didn't send you an update, However, this week has been a million and ten times better so I'm ready to talk about it now :) 

I was in a bit of a bad situation, honestly since she was my first companion and supposed to be my trainer I didn't realize it was as bad as it was. Well it was worse than I thought. After working for 11 weeks, a lot of the time without the spirit, I went on a 24 hour exchange with the new sister training leaders, who by the way are FANTASTIC! I brought some things up that I didn't think were right, I went home the next day, President Summerhays came down Saturday, interviewed us Sunday and Monday she was emergency transferred. In some ways it was the hardest week of my mission. I was prepared to have people slam their doors in my face, to reject what we have to share and tell me that they are not interested. I was prepared to not know the language and sound like a fool at times but living with someone who was so mad at me for doing what was right, I was not prepared for. It was very difficult, and I'm so thankful for Hermana Daines for enduring it all with me. 

I'm happy to say however that the Contrast from last week to this week has been INCREDIBLE! like you wouldn't believe. We spent one night alone, we both we unable to drive and so we had the privilege of riding bikes, even to the grocery store. Don't worry we have some amazing elders in our district who showed up just in the nic of time to pick up our groceries for us and drove them to our apartment in their car. What a blessing. The rest of the night was an adventure. We had one set cita in Oneco, turns out it's 55 minutes way on bike, hahah. When we got to our cita they were just having dinner and asked us to come back in a half hour. When plans fall through president says to pray and follow the spirit. We did just that! We were led down a street and saw a young boy walking. We talked to him and followed him home to talk to his madre. All in Spanish me and Hermana Daines introduced El Libro De Mormon, got her info and set a return cita. For us that was a miracle. :)

Tuesday our Cutest new trainer Hermana Carson came up to stay for the week and let me just tell you she is amazing!! We couldn't be more blessed. She is such an incredible example of an obedient missionary with a love for the work and the savior. We have worked the hardest I have my entire mission this week and it feels amazing to actually be doing what I'm supposed to be doing. 

We have one little bathroom between the three of us and we are all ready and starting our studies by 7:50 that in it's self is a miracle. I've felt the spirit with us so much more than I could imagine and we've been led by the spirit to meet certain people this week. I feel the lord blessing us as we are exactly obedient! President Summerhays always says, Obedience brings power but EXACT obedience brings MIRACLES! I have a testimony of that and will strive for this same exact obedience throughout the rest of my mission and my life. It reminds me of  D&C 82:10.

So we rode our bikes this week and It was the best. It's so much easier to Contact on bikes than in cars. It's way less awkward to talk to someone as you pass them on your bike rather than pulling over in our car :) We gave out 18 books of Mormon, we are spreading the gospel all over this Bradenton Florida area. 

Transfer Calls:
Hermana Carson is going to stay here for her last transfer and go on weekly exchanges to her old area in Wachula. My Spanish has improved a ton over this past week and I know it'll be even better by the end of the transfer.
Hermana Daines and I are staying here in Bradenton.
They've called to new sisters to be in our branch this transfer and one of them is Hermana Birch, my best friend from the MTC so you betcha I'm so stoked for that!
Now the sad news, My best elder who helped me get through all the rough times and gave me an incredible blessing Elder Casey, got called as a Zone leader in Tampa so he's leaving :(
Our amazing District leaders Elder Buck and Nita are staying and I'm just so excited to see what the lord has in store for my fourth transfer.. I know, I can't believe it's been that long either!

PS. On bikes this week we had a few almost fatal accidents, one night Hermana Carson was borrowing elder bucks bike and the chain fell off, we had to run the bike home from 26th street to 66th street, no big deal, just 40 blocks. hahahhah The elders saved us right when we got to our street. We talk to everyone we see and it's the best. I love being an obedient missionary!! 

Love you all 

Love your favorite, Hermana Hafen

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