Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Week Nine in the field

Como estan familia,

Este semana fue moy bueno, todos los semanas son!

K let me try to wrap up this whole week in one email.. 

Tuesday, we had the sisters specialized conference. It was a blast, from 9 to 5 we were all together. All the sisters in the mission, you betcha it was a party. President even supplied Pizza. Sisters will have similar callings as Zone Leaders so we'll be able to go on 24hr exchanges like the elders. That'll be fun. When we got back to Bradenton that night we went on splits. Hermana Daines and I went alone while our trainee went with a member. WE did some all Spanish little lessons all alone. I was so happy, when we try and have no one else to rely on our Spanish really comes out and I understood soooooo much! We were walking, we contacted a boy on a bike, got his number and he said we can go visit his dad too, that was sweet. Made a return appointment with Amelia and with Juan, we were filling pretty successful at that point then Heavenly Father told us good job by putting our new investigator Fatima in our Path. She was in a neighborhood that she doesn't live in looking for a new house to rent. I saw what I thought was her then I saw her car and knew it was her. We walked toward her and said her name. She came to us crying and gave me the biggest hug ever. Her day had been pretty rough and so it was such a blessing for her to see us. She made sure we knew that and I made sure she knew it was no coincidence that we were at the same place at the same time. She knew it too and we offered to help her move.

So Thursday morning we gathered up our whole district, two sets of Elders and us three Hermanas to go help Fatima move. She is this crazy(in a good way) dramatic Brazilian Woman. She was so thrilled and shocked that we would really all come help her for free. We're the Mormon Movers, here to serve. :) in two hours we had the house packed and moved in to the Uhaul. During packing I saw some water bottles half empty, I opened them, smelled them, nope, deff not water, so I took the opportunity then to teach her the word of wisdom. She committed to come to church with us. It was the best. She worked this Sunday because she took Thursday off for moving but next week she'll be back on schedule and able to come to church on Sundays. Pray for her to make it to church :) 

Oh and on our way to her new house, an 78 year old lady ran into our car in the middle of the road while we were driving. Yep, we crashed a mission vehicle. Thank goodness no damage to the missionaries and little damage to the car. We are truly blessed it could have been worse. 

We had this cute senior missionary couple in our district and they are leaving home tomorrow so district meeting this week was also a party. 

I gained a testimony this week of Using our time wisely. It was a learn the hard way sort of thing. Heavenly Father is not going to give us his elect to teach if we are not elect our selves. This week we could have used our time more wisely and effectively, and we learned on Saturday and yesterday as plans were falling through, that we got what we deserved. The more time and preparation we put in to each lesson the better we feel, the more the spirit is able to work through us and the more we are able to accomplish during the day. I want to be the best missionary and work to the potential that the Lord knows I have. We are given set rules and guidelines to follow in order to achieve the most success and I know that the closer we follow those and the more obedient we are the better our days go. This week that is something I'm going to work much harder on. 

Don't worry the members are taking good care of me, in fact we got two dinners last night, and two lunches a few days ago. Thank goodness next transfer we are getting new sisters in Bradenton so that means "car share" we'll be on bikes every other week. It may be hard, and hot, and sweaty, but it's a blessing! and I'm excited. I just hope people will let us in their homes sweaty, stinky and all. :)

I hope your week is Grand!

Love Hermana Hafen.

Senior Missionaries..

Mormon Movers!

Lazoro's tricycle

A members beautiful forest of a back yard

and some weird water creature :)

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