Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Eight weeks in

Okay, family, friends, everyone that I love,

It has been another great week in the life of Hermana Hafen, everyday I love my mission more and learn so much. It's only been three months and I feel like I've learned more than I can even comprehend, and I've got 15 more months of this awesome stuff. Boy am I blessed.

So this week I totally gained a testimony of serving others in order to love them. It wasn't necessarily on purpose either. Funny how heavenly father does that. Although life is great, there are still some silly struggles from day to day or sometimes hour to hour, as a missionary and sometimes it's the silliest things like no companionship unity, which is absolutely necessary to be able to do this work. Contention drives away the spirit and I've already experienced that without the spirit we CAN NOT teach, it's almost hilarious how hard it is to teach a lesson and how impossible it is without the spirit. I just feel like a fool. So this week I served my companions, and Hermana Daines and I served our trainer. It was a lot of fun. we made her food, told her thanks for all she does, because sometimes I've forgotten to do that, we shared with her helped her and just did what we could whenever we had the chance. Oh my goodness I just have to tell you that it works. I love her, I love both of my companions a lot. Our companionship unity is stronger than I've experienced in my whole mission so far, and we got to know each other better through it. 

Also, Wednesday, district meeting we pull up to the church and President Summerhays and his wife are getting out of their car. What the heck! We were not expecting them and in that moment, I was thankful we weren't late. It was the best district meeting yet and president talked to us about obedience. Then he talked to the three of us separately about obedience, he probably knows why but even if he doesn't I know why. I know that it was truly an inspired visit to our district and our week went so much better when we were able to all together apply the things that president talked about.

Did you hear that sisters are going to have leadership positions in the mission? FIRST time EVER! I'm making history twice, so tomorrow we have an all day sisters training in Sarasota. I'm really excited for it and excited to be a part of all of these incredibly inspired changes in the mission. 

Pamela got baptized Saturday and I forgot my camera. I wanted to cry. I'll just have to borrow the pics from my companions. It was the most crazy hectic baptism and I feel like Satan was trying to make it not happen but it was also the best, and the spirit was so strong once we figured everything out. Any of you missionaries or return missionaries experience things like this? Baptism days for me have been so crazy and we just put on a good face so that our soon to be new converts don't realize that we're freaking out inside. Her baptism was at the beach but the water was not cooperating so after about three attempts there we came back to the chapel and she was officially baptized in the font. 

and then yesterday..we spent the day at the emergency room. I'll spare you the details but it was for Hermana Hatton and the loss of a lot of blood. All is well now so that's good, just wanted to share all of my adventures as a missionary.

I love my mission and I especially love the Lord. I wish you all the best week until I hear from you again. I love you

Hermana Hafen

Pamela's Baptism.


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