Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Seven weeks in

Hola, todo esta bien aqui en Florida, 

I just have to say that I was being a pretty pouty pants recently about how it's so hard to learn a language and trying to figure out what I need to do and how I need to study differently cause if I'm not fluent already I must be doing something wrong. Well our little hermanita came last Tuesday and it was a refresher that I have indeed learned something in the last six weeks. and yesterday cute little Juan, told me, everyday I can understand you more and more, that was such a nice thing to hear. He is my favorite friend in the mission and I can't wait for him to get baptized.

So Tuesday we picked up Hermana Daines, she is so cute, just turned 20 on Saturday and has a strong testimony and desire to serve. It makes me so happy to have her here, she also was in a similar situation as me growing up and lived with a family that all together have had and adopted a total of 24 kids. we relate and get a long so super well, I know president was inspired to send her here to me. 

K so my first day in the field I met Pamela not to much after I invited her to be baptized, she said, "when I'm 30" I was super sad, six weeks later Hermana Daines shows up, she meets Pamela her first night in the field as well. the lesson went so well that the next day we fasted for Pamela to accept baptism and set a date. FASTING works! We saw her on Thursday and she set a date and we planned her whole baptism, ..at the beach. Oh my goodness, I was filled with so much joy that night, like you wouldn't believe, seeing people truly be converted and make steps to come closer to Jesus Christ is the happiest thing in the whole world. She shared a cute testimony of when she was walking this week and it was so hot and the sun was shining in her eyes, she prayed and asked heavenly father to give her shade, then the clouds moved and covered the sun. this is coming from a 17 year old girl who weeks before said she didn't pray or get answers when she did. Oh my goodness heavenly father was showing her that he is indeed there. & Hermana Daines just connected with Pamela, she had the special touch, I'm convinced :) 

Saturday we also had a really cool experience with one of our investigators, it's a family, Esteban, Adeleida and there two boys and little girl.Iit's pretty cool how we find little connections everywhere. A family in our ward knows them from their kids going to school together. The mom of the family had a dream about this family and felt inspired to have them at her house so we did a Family Home evening with their families, Satan was trying really hard to make this not happen, and it almost worked, Adeleida called and confirmed, then her husband cancelled then she confirmed again. We go over to have them follow us to the Calvillo's and the dad is drunk (I hate alcohol so bad) it was quite a commotion but finally Esteban got in the car and the family came to the FHE. Esteban stayed in the car the whole time. Brother and Sister Calvillo opened their home up to Adeleida and bore testimony and the spirit was so strong in their home. Adeleida said how she knows she needs to go to church and be baptized and she wants to but she works every single Sunday (this wasn't an excuse like we some times get, you could feel the sincerity of her heart.) but she wants her kids to be able to go until she can go with them. but Esteban wont take them. So the Calvillos brought them to church yesterday and we sat with them. I just know something amazing is going to happen with this family. I think that through the gospel and by being friends with this family they will be able to mend their marriage, quit drinking and be baptized. 

It has been another wonderful week in the mission

Love Hermana Rosalee Hafen

sorry that pic is super not cute but that's our new hermana!

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