Monday, June 10, 2013

Don't worry I walked away with out a scratch

I'm a missionary, and every day I wake up before 6:30 often dead tired, and I'm reminded of that. That I'm out here in Florida, and I'm going to get out of bed when I might rather be sleeping and I'm going to ride my bike all round this town, rain or shine, because I have a purpose to fulfill, I am a servant of My Father in Heaven, and I have a duty to bring the Gospel to his children. And let me just tell you I LOVE it! I really really do. 

We found some really amazing people to teach this week. Sometimes I'm so excited about the people that we find but by the time I write home again things have changed. I think that's probably normal, especially for a "greenie" But whether I'm the planter or the harvester each one of them is special and so one day I know they'll get it, they'll desire to learn, to grow, to change, and to accept and live the gospel! When it's as amazing as it is, who wouldn't? 

So we were on our usual finding, via bicycles and talking to everyone, This day that meant coming to an abrupt stop and creepily waiting on the side of the road for this family to cross the street. When they did, It was my turn to approach them, Hermana Carson says, k sister Hafen this ones yours.. "hola, somos misionaras, representatnes de Jesucristo, tememos una mensaje que bendicira su familia" then Hermana Carson steps up and introduces herself and us, sometimes I forget to do that. But anyway this cute family is from Honduras but have lived here for many years. They dad has sobrinos that have served missions and so he recognized our name tags. It's always fun when someone recognizes us or our church. We set an apt with this family for two hours later. 8:00 pm, let me just tell you it went amazing, like Preach My Gospel worthy. We established our purpose as missionaries, got to know them briefly and had a spirit filled first lesson on the restoration of the gospel. They each had their pamphlets and were following along or reading forward. It was so happy. and we invited them to be baptized and they said when they know it's true, YES! Oh and PS. this night was raining, we showed up on our bikes wet but that didn't stop them or us from feeling the spirit. We got home soaking wet that night but it was all worth it, anything for the love of our investigators :)

The next day Thursday, weekly planning day, was funny. A tornado warning o algo como eso fue en efectivo todo el dia entoces we stayed in our apartamento todo el dia, un mandamiento de la oficina misional.. It was funny, we were like what are we going to do with our selves all day. well we made a real dinner because we actually had time, then we took the rest of the night for personal study, it was beautiful, I didn't want it to end, I read so many chapters from the book of Mormon that night and I was just understanding and learning so much! I love the book of Mormon, EVERY TIME I read it I fall more in love with it. I'm learning so much! 

Then Friday Sister Carson had a training meeting to go to so it was just me and Hermana Daines for the afternoon. We finished up studies and headed out the door at 1:00. We're riding our bikes down Cortez Rd. Like we always do. I'm following her, and out of the random she says I hope he sees us, I'm thinking of course he will. We pass by cars stopped at stop signs all the time. She's never said that before and NO ones ever hit us before. So I Yelled forward to her, "He will" She rode in front of him.. and I followed. I look at his white bronco and he was still stopped so I proceeded to cross the street and his vehicle starts moving right as I'm in front of him. I don't remember being scared, stopping or anything. All I do know is that my bike lay flat on the ground, barely in the way of oncoming traffic, my back tire ran over by his truck and I never hit the ground not at all. When he got out of his truck I was beside his driver door. I didn't walk there. I didn't fall off my bike when it fell over from the impact of the truck hitting me, I wasn't under it, I was safely standing beside the vehicle out of the road unharmed. I know that Heavenly Father really watches out for his missionaries. I know that as I righteously continue to serve him I will be protected just as I was that day. It really is a miracle. 

And Saturday we were In basically a tsunami :) we're were in Oneco far from home and had a feeling we didn't need to be there so we left. Five minutes later we're chasing a storm home. It came out of nowhere and we were on bikes and had to get home. We were beyond drenched, our books, pamphlets, planners, all the content of our backpacks, ruined. We were riding in the rain for 45 minutes and at one point a truck drove past and the wave he caused went over Hermana Carson's head. It was hilarious, the closest thing that we'll get to a water roller coaster on our mission. We finally got home, showered, ate dinner, couldn't find a ride from a member and as we went out in it again. It had lightened up by now but we had a cita with Paula that we had to be at so we went. It was worth it. We arrived home that night soaked and dirty for the second time in one day :)

I love being a missionary, my testimony and conversion to this gospel is growing everyday. I know that it is true, I know that it changes people, that it blesses families, and that by living it's precepts and teachings is how families are eternal, how we are truly happy in this life on earth and how we can return to live with our father in heaven after our time here is up.

Have the most amazing week! 
Love Hermana Hafen

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