Thursday, September 12, 2013

A new trasfer and GUESS what!

I decorated my fifth daily planner this week. That was sort of crazy, sister missionaries only get twelve of those. It's got a cute picture of some of my favorite sisters and me on the back.

 You know the mission is for a lot of things and each lesson, each day, each transfer more and more things are revealed to me. My mission has strengthened my testimony, widened my understanding of the scriptures, of the gospel, has given me a love for this Spanish culture and so so much more and I know that it will continue to. but this transfer my mission was to meet best friends.

 I cant explain how much I've come to love these two sisters that I'm serving with! I love them so much and I wonder how I didn't know them until now. In just a short time with the same goals, willingness to serve the lord and each other, talk openly, repent and improve together we've become sisters. For all of the millions of reasons the Lord sent me out here to be his missionary he also sent me to meet these sisters. To serve together with them so that I could experience so much joy and feel of their love. He sent them here to be examples to me to pave the way for the rest of my mission to be successful and full of joy! I can say without hesitation that so far it has been the best 7 weeks of my mission. It has been wonderful, eventful and I have learned a lot! But like all good things do it's coming to an end, Hermana Carson goes home tomorrow and I've been fighting back tears all day. I'm gonna miss her.

 Did I mention last week that our new mission president arrived here Sunday night? Well, he did, and we met him Friday in Port Charlotte. He's incredible, I already know I'm going to love him and I have a great deal of respect for him. He is ready to get down to business, to help us work effectively and to our potential, not to much to ask right. Sometimes I think that we forget how much potential we have and we settle for less than what we can give. I feel like President Cusick will help us to give our all, to server our lord with all of our heart, might, mind, and strength. I raised my hand and asked him at our "meet the president" get together "are you happy to be here?" because he looked a little nervous at the beginning. He probably was, he's just taken on a huge responsibility and had been here for less than a week. It's okay, I didn't offend him because he is a blunt straightforward kinda guy so It broke the ice a little, got the other missionaries laughing, and If I'm lucky, made a lasting impression.

Okay I'm going to Give you the big Crazy, news!! President called us Saturday for Transfer calls. A few weeks ago I was asking hermana Carson all kinds of Ideas and things to do as a trainer. A little in preparation because I was getting these feelings that I would be training this coming transfer. The feelings went away or I suppressed them and soon thought for sure Hermana Daines would be leaving, Then me, then that we'd be staying together. When president called I really thought one of us was going to be leaving.. He said I have great news for you, "first (okay that means there's more than one news) you two will be staying together in Bradenton this transfer and second, there is a family out there praying that..(I could already finish his sentence, he was going to say praying that you come and teach them..) their daughter gets two nice trainers to take care of her.. WHAT!!! You're kidding me. Okay I totally knew it but I was still shocked. So we'll pick her up and meet her in Tampa on Tuesday morning. YAY! and that also means we get to ride with Hermana Montanez to drop off Hermana Carson. That really is a tender mercy from the lord because I wasn't prepared to have to say good bye to her at the door step.

Also, the lord is amazing, Weekly planning this week was inspired, I think it always is but this week I saw the fruits of it sooner. like the next day to be exact. We were picking which members to focus on this week to see if we could set appointments with them to teach their friends in their house!! the Partidas and Ariesbeth Rosas came to my mind. We've only talked to Ariesbeth once or twice, but I was feeling so strongly about here! The next day we get a text from her and as we talked it turns out she shared the book of Mormon with her cousin and she wants to learn more and so ariesbeth set up and appointment for us to come teach her cousin with her on Wednesday!! pray for us I know it will be amazing!!

 And last night was a miracle too! Everyday was. The most amazing baptism of Hermana Montanez's granddaughters. I love them so much. Their my sisters too and then we got dropped off at home by our cute Sarasota sisters and hopped on our bikes to make an appointment. I biked the hardest I ever have. it was really pretty hard actually and I was just praying the whole way that I would be able to make it! We did of course and then the people rejected us, pretty bad, the bible is sufficient for them, they even gave back the book of mormon :( but because we ask for referrals from everyone we got one. Another trailer in their park, cool. We prayed and stopped by there, as we were talking to these two 16 year old boys. then their friend Jose pulls up on his bike. He's the real gem. We met him through someone who rejected us who sent us somewhere which lead us to him. It was amazing! The lord is amazing, we were just prompted to testify these amazing things to Jose, about how he has these questions that the book of Mormon will answer and as it does he'll get baptized. AHH it was beautiful and so we're going to go see him tonight!

 Yay for my mission and the opportunity I've been given to experience such beautiful miraculous things! I love my mission. Until next week.

-Hermana Hafen

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