Thursday, September 12, 2013

week 16

Hello Family and everyone that I love.

 I'm happy to write you this week. As we sat down Thursday to do weekly planning for week 6 of this transfer we were a bit saddened at the fact that we were planning Hermana Carson's very last week of her mission. Right now I think about the end of my mission I can't even fathom it. What does that even mean I sometimes ask hermana Daines. but like with anything, time flys before I know it a year and a half will have passed me by and I'll quickly be in her shoes. Quicker than I think, I'm sure. And so I've been evaluating things. As we do "real" plays at district meeting and at in our apartment we always role play evaluate and re-practice. This is very much a "real" play and as I evaluate I can check for what I'm doing well and what I'm doing not so well, where I need to improve or simply change all together. A tool to clean things up a bit. So Saturday we did just that.

 Right now I'm the happiest that I've been on my whole mission. I owe a lot of that to my companions for their sweet patient encouragement and examples. We work together, eat together, study together. We're a family, and it's fun. in some ways I'm worried, as transfer calls come up this Saturday, I've noticed already in my mission that there's no growth in the comfort Zone and since I'm getting comfortable that might call for change. Hopefully the change we've already called for ourselves will be sufficient and I'll have at least another transfer to serve with Hermana Daines. I love this area and our WHOLE zone and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. But of course I'll go where the lord wants me to go.

 Remember Cynthia and Louis, our friends that we creepily waited for as the crossed the street. They hid from us for at least a week. We went back Wednesday to talk to them and it was really awesome. They explained how there were a little worried. They didn't want to set a baptismal date because they are not ready yet but they want to keep learning. perfect cause that's what we're here to do. teach :) I'm excited to see them progress.

 Espanol, I love espanol. I really love it so much. I have seen a huge change in my ability to speak the language this transfer and it's incredible. sometimes I think about when I come home and I'll know a different language than everyone. I guess you'll just have to learn too so we can communicate.

 It's hard to pick out my favorite parts of the whole week, but it's even harder writing the whole week in one email. maybe as I go throughout my mission I'll get better at it.

 Monday we got lost on our way to an appointment. blah that was an adventure, Tuesday we had our first English class student. Yay!! We've started teaching it twice a week now so hopefully that'll pick up. Wednesday DM. that was  incredible, we had an "I love you Book of Mormon because..." The spirit we felt as everyone shared their testimony was beautiful and I grew to love my district even more. Thursday was our amazing weekly planning session. We had so many break thorough as a companionship and we're just inspired as we set goals to be better. Friday, don't worry we had three dinners. All for the love of the work of the lord.. and Three really spirit filled lessons! Saturday we had one MIGHTY COMPANIONSHIP PRAYER! It was beautiful, inspired and tears were shed. and then our District leaders gave us tazers, cause things get pretty crazy in the hood of Oneco Florida, and that's not a joke. three deaths two weeks ago because of shootings. Sunday we had a wonderful PEC. We helped our two newest members of our branch get ready before their baptisms. Hard work of the Elders.

I feel like I grew a lot last week. And as I continue to serve with my whole heart I am just amazed at how the lord blesses me, all of us! And... BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN GIVE MUCH, I TOO MUST GIVE.

 Las quiero mucho. Yo tengo un testimonio, se que este evanjelio de jusucristo es verdadero. se que es la unicamente iglesia en la tiera hoy que tiene el sacerdocio. digo estas cosas con fe en mi salvador Jesucristo Amen.

Sorry it's short but I'm almost out of time and a new goal is to keep time. So with that said. I love you!!

Until next week,
Hermana Hafen

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