Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Get the Spirit and Keep it!"

"Get the spirit and Keep it!" President commanded us on wednesday at our very last training we will have from him and his wife before their mission here comes to and end :( He is such an amazing man, I love him and his wife so much and just can feel so strongly that they are called of God. He has influenced my life and I'm privelaged to know him, and I will miss them but i'm excited to meet my new president, president Cusick on July 4th. 

At the start of every district, zone, or specialized trainging meeting we have a four minute talk on a monthly christlike attribute. However the talk is not assigned ahead of time, you are randomly selected the morning of. That morning of the conference we were there early, my companion sister Carson was playing the piano for our zone leaders to sing "he sent his son" one of my favorite songs of all time. it brought back a childhood memory! And then we sat in the chapel doing personal study like good missionarys before the conference started. Like a yelling in my head, but softer and sweeter, I had the question, What is the christlike attirubute for the month. I asked my companinons, their response was unanimous, OBEDIENCE. Oh, how funny that I should forget that one. I immediately began preparing my four minute talk. knowing by the power of the spirit that I would be speaking today. My heart was burning, the way it has two other times on my mission when I just knew that I had to talk. The spirit wouldn't have let me not do it even if i tried. So the meeting begins and my nerves are so high. we sing, pray, recite remember this and then elder Junk stands and announces the speaker of the four minute talk, I may or may not have been out of my seat before my name was said. I grabbed my preach my gospel and walked up there with a BIG grin. The girl who is not afraid to talk to anyone was indeed nervous, but I managed to get out, "this is supposed to be a surprise, but It wasn't, I knew I was giving the talk, and then I began :) It went well and I the spirit was there so that is what Is important. but I have  a testimony of the Holy Ghost. I am so thankful that i was listening to him just minutes before so I had something to go off of from my talk. 

My week was amazing, my poor companions have been having back problems for a while so we're off bikes. haha, mine still hasn't been replaced so pray that the insurance works with me. On tuesday I had the privelage of going on splits with hermana montanez while my companions were at the doctor. She is fantastic. And Sunday!

Wow sunday was a beautiful day, I hope you all watched the broadcast. MY mission was featured ;) and to top off the amazing broadcast we decided to stop by cynthia and louis's house before it was time to retire to the apartment. It's been a while since we've seen them and the last time we saw them we set a baptismal date so we were starting to get worried. Well they were home, we totally followed the spirit in that lesson. Cynthina opened up more than she ever has, we smiled and talked together and it was perfect. It ended with her asking if we were coming over for our scheduled appointment tomorrow at 7 not us asking her. 

My mission is the best thing i've done in my life and for my life to this point in my life. life life life. 

I love you and I pray that you have the spirit with you this week. Go out with your missionaries, give them your refferels. join in this hastening of the work.

Love Hermana Hafen

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