Tuesday, October 1, 2013

First week wonders

I'm throughly convinced that Transfers are inspired even when you are not transfered. As the first week of this transfer came to an end I was amazed at how much we accomplished when comparing our week to the last few weeks we've had. With the same missionaries, the same area, but a fresh outlook. Something about a fresh planner, and a fresh start gave us an extra boost to be able to do the lords work. We had a little more faith in the Savior, in the work of salvation and in OURSELVES. and it showed. Even with our scare of no tracting. We've been doing a lot of tracting and finding by our own efforts. well friday we get a phone call from Elder Buck. No more tracting in the florida tampa mission. Okay, awesome, we got really creative, visiting every member, those of you in utah we have a lot fewer members in a much larger vacinity, we saw about all of the ones in our area in two days. we went about visiting old investigators, and trying to do some street contacting without knocking. Sunday elder buck texts us, He misunderstood the Zone leaders and we can tract, we have the next 4 months to ween off of tracting. After we already innocently told our branch council that we can't tract and the announced it to the whole congregation. Well the good thing is we didn't lie, the better thing is, now that the members think we can't tract they will be giving us refferals out of the woodwork. I'm PRAYING! Three investigators at chuch yesterday, YES, I love our investigators. Church is necessary in their conversion process and they learn things from others that i'm not so good at teaching in spanish, one of the investigators is David, a man from English class. HECK YES!! we love english class. and Elder Su'a from the high council served his mission in Niceragua so he speaks fluent spanish, he talk was fantastic and talked about his family, his mother dispising the gospel and making him promise he'd never be a memeber of the mormon church, then how all of thier hearts were changed. they are all strong memebers now. I couldn't have asked for a better sacrament meeting for our investigators to go to. Last week, MY companions and i had to give a surprise talk at the Baptisme of the Sarasota sisters. it was unexpected and we were nervous, we just jumped right in and started teaching the first lesson of the gospel and it was beautiful and the spirit filled that room. It was a blessing to have that experience. after that the calvillos dropped us off at our apartment and we planned to get on bikes to go out teaching. long story short it was pouring the night before. we only have a two bike rack and the english sisters came to rescue us. we had to leave one bike locked up at CVS. so we only had two bikes at our appartment. ONLY one option. I loaded hermana binks up on my bike, se llama "BIG red" well because he's big and red. he's my loaner bike from the elders until i get money from the insurance to replace my broken one. she sat on the seat while i stood on the peddals and we rode 2 miles down cortez, it felt like way more. The funniest thing in the world, and all worth it as long as i made one person laugh as the passed us going down the road. I'm certain we made more than one person day!! oh ps, all of the other missionaries waiting to go to argentina got their visas except hermana binks, my prayers are being answered! Here's to another amazing week! Lots of love, Hermana Hafen

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